Sit Stand Desk - New Generation - Black

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Originally Designed and Manufactured By Eureka Ergonomic

Eureka Ergonomic is a brand with more than 150 passionate engineers working hard to solve your everyday ergonomic problems. Originally designed and manufactured by Eureka Ergonomic the Pro-X sit stand desk was born. With the vertical X-lifting design you save valuable space while improving your work day. Scroll drown to learn more about our new generation sit to stand desk, or click the Buy Now button to experience this standing desk converter for yourself. Try risk free for 30-days, plus free shipping and free return shipping if you're not satisfied.

Sit Stand Desk - New Generation - Black

Vertical X-Lift Design

Stand up and bring your work with you. Effortlessly transition between sitting and standing while at work or in your home office with the space saving Eureka Ergonomic sit stand desk converter. No assembly required. Take your new standing desk converter out of the box and place it on your existing desk. Turning your work surface into a ergonomic workstation. The X-lifting design allows you to stay the same distance away from your desk while in your perfect sitting or standing position. Pair this standing desk converter with a anti-fatigue mat and you'll have a perfect ergonomic workstation.

Sit Stand Desk - New Generation - Black

Smooth and Effortless Operation

Simply squeeze the handle and the x-lifting design will help assist you to lift your sit to stand desk, monitor(s), and other desk accessories. When you want to lower your sit stand desk converter, squeeze the handle, press down and your standing desk converter will slowly lower making sure your sit to stand desk won't come crashing down. You're so confident you'll love your new Eureka ergonomic sit stand desk we're offering you a 30-day risk free guarantee.

Super-Silent Transition

Our patented gas strut mechanism in this sit to stand desk is greatly different from our competitors spring lifting mechanism. Our gas struts offer you the most silent and effortless experience possible. Almost Zero-noise. No clicking, cranking, or clunking like other height adjustable desks. Our sit stand desk is smooth and silent.

Sit Stand Desk - New Generation - Black

Unique Buffering System

Never have to worry about your monitor, laptop, and desk accessories while working on this sit to stand desk Converter. Utilizing a unique buffering system under the desktop. Our buffering system safeguards your stand up desk converter from suddenly slamming down while lowering your adjustable standing desk. No other sit to stand desk as a buffering system like this. Just another reason to order this sit stand desk converter and try it for yourself.

Large Surface Area

The Eureka Ergonomic new generation sit stand desk has a large ergonomic surface area for your monitor, laptop, keyboard, mouse and all your other important desk accessories. The ergonomic keyboard tray is the perfect size and shape. Attached a single monitor arm or dual monitor arm to free up valuable work surface and improve your work day.

Sit Stand Desk - New Generation - Black

Unlimited Height Adjustments

Simply squeeze the handle, and your desktop converter will automatically begin to raise with the pneumatic power of the gas strut, experience for yourself how effortless it is to find your desired height.

Sit Stand Desk - New Generation - Black

International Standard

  • Sit Stand Desk - New Generation - Black
    Mobile Device Slot To Support your Phone or Tablet.
  • Sit Stand Desk - New Generation - Black
    Ergonomic U-Shape design of the Keyboard Tray
  • Sit Stand Desk - New Generation - Black
    Single Handle Operation.
  • Sit Stand Desk - New Generation - Black
    Rubber padded feet to protect your desk surface.

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Sit Stand Desk - New Generation - Black
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Sit Stand Desk - New Generation - Black