Eureka Ergonomic Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to fasten or permanently mount the sit-stand desk on the existing desk ?

The Eureka Desk is engineered for stability and does not need to be fixed by the user. Just open the box and place it on your desk.

Does the Eureka Desk need to be assembled ?

The Eureka Desk is ready to use right out of the box: just open the package and place on your desk! No assembly is required.

Is shipping free ?

We ship anywhere in the Continental U.S. (excludes Alaska and Hawaii) for free.

Do you offer international shipping ?

We ship overseas, however shipping charges may incur.

How can I find the serial number on my Eureka Desk?

The unique Eureka serial number is located on the sticker label on the reverse side of the desktop.

Do you offer a warranty on the Eureka Desk ?

Each Eureka Desk comes with a best-in-class 3-year limited warranty. To learn more, for more information please visit: www.eurekaergonomic.com/warranty.

How much space do I need to place the Eureka Desk on an existing table/desk ?

To find the exact measurements, please review the technical specifications of the Eureka Desk product page, your desk/surface will require a a minimum width of at least 36” and depth of 24”.

Can I fit two monitors on the Eureka Desk ?

Yes of course! The workspace available on the Eureka Desk can fit up to two 21” monitors side-by-side.

What is the maximum weight load of the desk ?

The Eureka Desk is engineered for stability and can hold up to 35lbs safely.

Does the Eureka Desk make any noise when lifting?

Thanks to our patented gas strut mechanism the Eureka Desk is virtually silent, keeping you focused and without worry of distracting anyone nearby.

Do I need a wireless mouse keyboard? Can I use a wired mouse keyboard ?

If using wired products on the Eureka Desk, we recommend to use a wire length of 5 feet or longer to ensure that the desk can be raised without pulling.

Does the Eureka Desk require any maintenance ?

The Eureka Desk does not require any maintenance! Use a damp cloth to clean the surface for a simple wipe down to keep your desk clean and tidy. Please do not use any chemicals or harsh abrasives as they may damage the finish.

For Further Information

For further information please feel free to contact our support or sales team at (844) 416-2090. You can always Live Chat during office hours for the quickest response.