The vast majority of businesses rely on a large assortment of cubicles laid out in rows across an office contributing to the decline of Company Culture. Every employee is, by design or by default, isolated. Also, most if not all workers will be sitting down an average of nine hours a day and only get up to stand when they take a coffee break. It is a dull and tiring environment where being productive is a challenge.

Sitting around for over eight hours a day, five or even six days a week is the classic definition of a sedentary lifestyle. It can also be the cause of many diseases like obesity. Not to mention the fact that being isolated in a cubicle does nothing for your office’s culture. People hardly ever mingle because it is a monumental effort.

How Can Company Culture be Improved?

The good news is that companies and startup businesses can improve their company culture and the health of their employees by implementing simple tweaks. One such tweak is to use standing desk converters and electric sit-to-stand desks. Standing desks are easy to adjust, and by just pressing a button, or squeezing a lever, it can go from being a seated desk to a standing one.

Standing Desks Improve Collaboration

When you’re standing up, it gives you an entirely different perspective of the office. It allows you to see things that were not otherwise in view. A study by Dr. Mark Benden back in 2014, found that students standing in a classroom were expending more energy and were participating more as opposed to students who were seated in a regular classroom environment.

Healthier Employees are Eventually Happier Ones Too

When a person stands, they are using more muscles and will, as a result, burn more calories compared to sitting down. It also improves posture. A study back in 2008 found that sitting for an extended period was a significant cause of obesity in addition to other conditions.

When employees are standing, for the most part, they are consequently healthier. Since they are healthier, they tend to be more active in things like office parties, organizing charities and other events. Team building events can, as a result, be more successful when all employees are engaged and healthy. All of which contributes towards a healthy office culture.

Add More Energy to your Company’s Culture

The cubicle is a long-outdated part of corporate culture. Today, corporations and small businesses alike want employees to mingle and bond. Employees that know each other, trust one another and work as a team, tend to be more productive.

There is a lot of research to suggest that when employees enjoy each other’s company, they will happily go to work. Many will even look forward to going to work. However, to foster a healthy and energetic corporate culture without sacrificing productivity, you need employees to see things differently, and that’s where standing desks are an indispensable tool.


Standing psychologically keeps you active, social and energetic. So, whether it is your customer service employees or those churning through paperwork in a back office a standing desk is an excellent addition for fostering a healthy business culture. A standing desk is a minor tweak but one with significant returns.